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Note: All New Patient Appointments are in-person only.
Virtual appointments by request for follow up or return problem visits. Just email me after setting up the appoint so I can update the appointment on my calendar. 
For full price list, please email, most care will be based on insurance allowance. Cash pay at the time of services is reduced by 25%.

I curranty accept NH Medicaid and Medicare and am in network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts, United, Aetna, Tricare, Harvard Pilgrim, and CIGNA.
Medicaid appointments are limited to 2 per year, then billing will be cash pay/counseling.


Gender reveal blood draw - This test can be collected as early as 8-9 weeks, ideally once the pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound or doppler. The sample is mailed the day of the blood draw (for appt prior to 3pm), and results will be posted the following day. Using a small sample of mom’s blood, SneakPeek tests for the presence of male DNA (Y-chromosomes). If no Y-chromosomes are found, mom is carrying a girl.

There is no requirement to be a client of mine for this test.