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Schedule a free 15-minute consultation for you to discuss some of your key health goals and concerns. During this consultation, you will not receive any diagnosis or treatment. You will be notified on what we offer at Revamp Wellness Center for Men and see if it is a fit for you. Once you complete this consultation, you can schedule your first appointment.

This includes a comprehensive bloodwork exam for the initial assessment.
The initial physical exam visit includes a focused health assessment along with laboratory results/interpretation. The plan of care will be discussed with detailed patient education tailored to your specific needs.
The follow-up laboratory includes a general and less comprehensive bloodwork exam to aid in evaluation process.
The follow-up visit consists of an evaluation of treatment. It is the duty to check on the patient's progress since the previous appointment. Appropriate follow-up can help identify misunderstandings and answer questions, or make further assessments and adjust treatments. Bloodwork from the laboratory may be necessary for the follow-up evaluation.
The virtual visit is available for the following services: Free consultation; Initial physical exam (this does NOT include an exam for controlled substances. Florida Law requires the FIRST exam to be conducted in the clinic setting/face-to-face); Follow-ups; Medication request or refills.