Set Up Your Business

Leverage OptiMantra's technology and business services to start your practice...Quickly!

Customized Website Build

Customized Website Built for You
Easy-to-Complete Content Templates
Built-in Online Booking

Dedicated Content Creation

Custom Written Website Content
Blog Post Writing
Social Media Management

Managed Insurance Billing

Coming Soon...
Insurance Billing In OptiMantra
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Get A Custom Website

Get a website tailored to your business - we'll do the heavy lifting for you
Website Creation
One-time pricing
Dependent on number of pages
Modern Website with 5-7 (or More!) Pages  
Onboarding Support
Customizable Content Templates
Additional Content Creation Services Available

Excludes hosting and domain name purchase

Engage Clients With Dedicated Content

Drive your patient engagement with powerful content for your social media channels and website
Content Writing
Pricing dependent on project scope
Custom Written Website Content
Blog Post Writing Support
Social Media Management

Coming Soon! 
Manage Your Insurance Billing

Upcoming functionality will enable you to outsource your insurance billing all through the OptiMantra platform - reach out for more information

With All the Virtual Tools You Need And Integrated Directly Into OptiMantra

Have your cake and eat it too!