Appointment Scheduler

Wuji Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic

8850 Goodby Executive Drive Ste A Jacksonville FL 32217

  • Cupping 40 mins $40.00 Select

    Cupping without acupuncture.

  • Herbal Consult 45 mins $45.00 Select

    Herbal Formulas are internal medicine. You and your practitioner will discuss your health needs or concerns. An herbal formula will be custom made based on your diagnosis and ready within the week. There are some non-custom made formulas available on site.

  • New Patient Visit 120 mins $140.00 Select

    New patient visits are required and entail a full intake of health history and current health state. We will go over your paperwork together and sign patient/practitoner agreements. You will also get a treatment of your service choice; however, it will be shorter than a regular visit.

  • Initial Consultation 20 mins $1.00 Select

    Initial consultations allow the practitioner and potential patient to talk about what services may be most appropriate for you the patient.

  • Acupuncture Treatment 60 mins $90.00 Select

    This is a regular acupuncture visit. If this is your first time as a patient, then a first time visit appointment is required.